2013 - Resolved, to write letters.

One of the things I wanted to do more of this past year, and which I am even more resolved to do this year, is to write more letters.

I used to write letters all the time. It was something I enjoyed, something others enjoyed receiving, and it gradually became both a part of who I was and a part of knowing me.

I have gathered a good deal of stationery recently, as well as some postcards. I'm going to be writing many letters in the next few weeks, to people I know, and even to a few strangers. I don't know what the letters will say yet, or even who will receive them. But I have a few names in mind, and I'm willing to add to the list.

If you'd like a letter from me, let me know. Not here on the blog, where information is unprotected and widely available (unless you feel very safe behind a PO Box or something). But contact me privately on Twitter or Facebook, if you have the means, and let me know where to send something. I can't guarantee anything, because resolutions are notorious for being unmet throughout the world, but I will certainly do my best. 

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