Grace Bonney over at DesignSponge posted Sugru's "Fixer's Manifesto" on the blog today. Which got me thinking about manifestos in general, and resolutions, especially as we're nearing a new year. The blurry weeks of late December and early January are when so many people make resolutions they fail to keep and (usually) fail to try to keep.

But there's value in developing a set of guideposts for each season of your life, standards if you will, to help you develop yourself, your work, or your relationships in ways that are important to you. Bonney also linked to 99U's 5 Manifestos for Art, Life & Business, which include such notable resolvers as Steve Jobs, Leo Tolstoy, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

All this is leading to the obvious questions: What is your manifesto? What are your resolutions? What is your set of standards for the season?

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