Preparing for Advent

This coming Sunday marks the beginning of Advent. Every year I try to take Advent as seriously as possible, and every year that seems to look a little different. I'm posting a few resources here for the similarly serious. Please let me know if any of them are particularly helpful to you.

Creighton University's Praying Advent 2012 (This has almost everything you could want in terms of understanding the schedule of the season and praying through it.)

The Advent Conspiracy (Please check this one out - and share it!)

Grace Brethren Church of Long Beach sermons from 2011 (Advent series at the top)

Catholic Scripture readings for each day of Advent

If you know of any others that have been helpful to you, please send them my way. I'm also "curating" a list of some good music for Advent, so let me know if there's anything you appreciate out of the cacophony of the season.

To finish us off, here's every other Advent post I've shared in the past few years.

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