Community Bible Experience

This fall I'll be hosting a reading group through my church in which we go through through the books of the New Testament using an edition from Community Bible Experience. There's nothing sneaky about the edition; it's NIV. But the books are arranged in a unique reading order, and the chapter and verse markings are removed.

Obviously since this is something we're starting at the end of the month, I don't have anything specific to say about the reading itself. But the concept is a good reminder that some things we've grown very accustomed to occasionally require a fresh look. We don't need to make them new - there's nothing wrong with familiarity. But to readjust our vision, to remind ourselves that our perspective has been limited by any number of factors - that's important.

I hope that the premise of "a fresh look" doesn't inspire everyone to throw out their knowledge and experience. But there should be a way to acknowledge that we have blind spots without assuming our own past is untrustworthy.

These are somewhat disconnected thoughts, but consider it a heads-up as to what I'll be doing for the next couple months. And if some of the thoughts and conversations that come out of it land here, you'll know why.

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