Things I did not tweet about the super moon.

1. How much of the world gets to see this? Is this exclusive to my hemisphere? Must look at globe. Or Google.

2. No, I don't see the man in the moon more clearly because I now have 20/20 vision (Thank you, LASIK). It's just bigger.

3. I love a full moon against the slender stalk of a palm tree.

4. Half of me watches the moon. Half of me watches Twitter on my smartphone for tweets about said moon. Both halves half hate myself.

5. Walking the neighborhood a few days ago, I described the moon as an asymmetrical tissue against the afternoon sky. Then told myself to remember that description for future novel.

6. Hi there, pedestrians. Yes, I'm watching the moon in my pajamas. On Ocean Boulevard. With a bottle of booze.

7. I can see the moon! Without glasses on! It's a miracle! (Thank you, LASIK.)

8. The moon is not a god. You should stop praying in its general direction. Maybe.

9. Which do I love more: Strongbow or the super moon?

10. Wow, it's big.

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