As silly as it may sound...

...I work very hard to collect pins I care about. I'm referring to Pinterest, of course. I've been on there for quite a while now (has it been years?), and have developed over the course of time an internal filter as to what I will and will not pin. If something interests or amuses me that doesn't quite fit the internal standard I've set for my boards, I may file it away among my "likes," but it will not join my carefully curated collection. (Unless, as recently with the Boromir/Samwise pic "One does not simply walk into Mordor"... unless I just can't help myself.)

So it's a little odd to me that in this last week, while I've been especially artful and moved by the images I've come across (and thusly pinned), that one pin of mine in particular seems to be getting an absurd degree of attention. Here are some of the pictures I've found in the last few days (please follow the links, as they are even more amazing when viewed in the context of their exhibitions):

These are incredible images. I do not hesitate to say so, because I had nothing to do with making them. Even so, would you, could you imagine just which of my many pins is the most popular?

It's this one:

Go figure.


  1. Yeah...kinda weird. I like the first one best. They're all amazing.

  2. I love that one! Every time I look at it I notice something different, like how the shadows his body makes on the wall are kind of a part of the whole piece. Anyway...


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