Eye candy

This is going to be one of those posts that reflects just how much I wish Pinterest had a blog feature. Not that that's remotely a good idea, as I wouldn't honestly be too interested in reading other Pinterest blogs, but... whatever. Here are some pictures for you:

From the Boca Raton Museum of Art exhibit "The Magic of Realism," by Robert Vickrey

You never know when you might need a flickr collage of ancient maps and such.

The Bucephalus living sculpture by Robert Cannon.

Just follow the link to the other "accidental mysteries" featured here.

Tapping into my inner melodrama for this one. I really do love it, and no less with the knowledge that it will probably grace the cover of a teen paranormal romance novel some day.

Found somewhere on the blog Blue Velvet Chair. Click through at your peril.

From a collection of incredible book paintings by Mike Stilkey.

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