I feel like I should have written something, here or on Twitter or Facebook or somewhere, about the epic season finale on Castle a few weeks ago. Monday nights won't be the same for a while - at least, not until we find out that Beckett miraculously is okay but mysteriously remembers nothing of the last few moments before blacking out. Not that the show is in any way predictable...

I also said nothing about the NCIS season finale, probably because it wasn't nearly as epic as Castle's. It did, however, answer the soon-to-be-tiresome question of how they will let DiNozzo be a grown up without leaving the team. The fact is, much as we love Playful Tony, we prefer it when he acts like a man. It was the only good thing about the Jeanne Benoit season, and we're glad to see that has an opening again.

I don't watch much else, except maybe House every now and then on Hulu. I'm still catching up to the last season of The Office (U.S.)... So I have no other remarkable blog-worthy (or unworthy) opinions about the finale season this year.

I am, however, avidly following the news of new shows being picked up, pilots being pitched, etc. and am very much looking forward to a future of becoming an absolute television vegetable. Networks, cable, all that jazz - here I come.

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