Creative Energies

I have been editing a lot lately, several books at once, in fact. And there's something interesting that happens when you have a lot of work to do that is almost creative but not quite. You start having really deep urges to create your own work, projects that will take a lot of time and mental energy that you simply don't have.

There are two particular novels that I someday want to write, both related to one another, but which I always imagined in two distinct genres. The first would be literary fiction, and it would be about a young woman to whom not much happens (I've never been very good developing plot). The second would be a fantasy novel about the first novel's main character's sister. Lots happens to this girl, though I never could quite figure out what exactly. I know she gets imprisoned, more or less, and that she goes on a journey which involves a train and a walrus and a small raft in the middle of the ocean right above the Marianas Trench (work with me here).

In the process of editing other people's books (all of which have very well-developed plots, I might add), I have had this epiphany about my own two loosely related novels. They should both be science fiction! Dystopian! Still not sure what exactly will happen, but I have a very clear image of their urban transportation system. I am very excited to write this someday, and I hope that the more I edit other people's work, the more developed this unplotted multi-genre book duo will become.

In the meantime, since the two sisters are twins (another detail I came up with while I should have been thinking of other authors' characters), I've been trying to figure out what actresses could play these twins in the inevitable blockbuster hit adapted from my Pulitzer Prize winning science fiction series.
The only twins I could come up with were the Olsens. I am trying very hard to convince myself that they are amazing actresses somewhere deep beneath all that Hollywood fashion. Also . . . I still can't tell them apart. Can anyone?

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