What Springs

The trouble with loving Pinterest as much as I do is that it can be hard to marry my activity there with my activity here, on my home of internet homes. Yesterday's very small collection of a few of my favorite fireplace shots was so much fun to compile that I thought I'd share a few springtime pictures today. Where I could, I have included their sources. Sometimes original links can get lost on Pinterest (especially with photos from tumblr). Most of them are flowers, which is actually very odd for me. Hope you enjoy:

I have always wondered if there was a creative and untacky use for doilies. The DIY community has recently answered my curiosity with a host of options, this wreath being one of my favorites. Details on how-to can be found over at Martha Stewart.

Origin unknown. I am also not very good at identifying flowers, but I have a feeling that all the flowers posted here are ranunculus. Perhaps they are my favorite. Who knew?

I can get carried away with decorating holiday items, especially cookies. But Easter eggs in particular are both challenging and fascinating to me. Details on how-to master these minimalist wonders over at Pickles.

Mostly I love the colors.

This photo reminds me of the years I gazed longingly through the pages of Victoria magazine. If it inspires you to brew a good cup of tea, we're on the same wavelength.
More photographic collections lovingly and laboriously curated here.

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