I have run out of free episodes of Castle to watch on Hulu. This is just the sort of day to waste on mindless entertainment, because there was a busy week before, and there will be a busy week after - and I woke up tired and chilly and yearned to curl up under a blanket for the first several hours after waking. Which brings me back to Castle, and why there are no more free episodes to watch, and how that's very frustrating to me. I am thinking about downloading the free one-week trial of Hulu Plus just to finish off the season, but I'd really like to start from the beginning (Hulu doesn't have the first two seasons). So I should just get in my car and go buy a gallon of milk for tomorrow and tidy something so that I can consider the day not a total waste.


  1. I don't know anything about this show, but I know why you like it: the font/graphic of the title. Am I right?

  2. Yes. And the theme music is pretty awesome to boot.


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