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Just a few:

There's been a fiery to-do over recent book list posted by an online magazine of questionable name. The list was 100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader, and it included some very good titles. When some people objected to a few on the list, the objectionable titles were removed and replaced, causing a comment-war of defense and a slew of reactionary blog posts. I started posting several links for you here, but they are all listed over at Bookshelves of Doom, along with a very interesting list of authors who have requested that their books be removed.

So, I was about to pack my bags to head to the Cairo Book Fair (I wish), but it's been canceled. Huh. Didn't see that coming...

Not quite book related, but an interesting development in internet reading habits thanks to the Rise of the App (is anyone else annoyed by that word?).

Every writer should read this, a collection of shorts on why writers write, from such greats as Flannery O'Connor, Joan Didion, and Roberto BolaƱo.

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