East to Adonia

I am biased about this book for a number of reasons. For one thing, I obviously published it. For another, the author is a good friend and once roommate, so of course I am more than supportive. But the fact remains that if you are looking for a good adventure story, fantasy novel, or general children's series, East to Adonia is a perfect choice. The story begins with a fascinating character, twelve year old Mercator Robinson, who has a unique ability to draw maps of anything and everything that exists. He cannot map a place that is not real, but he can map literally everything that is - from his sister's closet to the wastelands of Siberia. So it is odd, to say the least, when he finds himself using the new mapping kit his uncle brings him for his birthday to draw an island he's never heard of before. Suddenly hurled headlong into a new and mysterious world, Mercator finds himself standing on the very landscape he has been mapping with no idea how he got there - or how to get back home again. Then he meets with a princess and her talking horse, gets himself kidnapped by pirates who sell him to a wicked duke and... well, anymore and I'll be giving too much away. The point is, this story goes from one moment of awesome to the next. It is classic fantasy, classic adventure, classic kid-spirited fun.

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