Dancing with Words

For interesting reasons I will not go into right now, I am currently rereading Dances With Wolves, the inspired novel behind the 1991 Academy Award winning film. I have just glanced once more over the words of the first page, and I cannot quite explain my feelings. This is the first book I am reading in this new year, and I feel blessed by it. It reads like something I would have encountered in my days as a creative writing student. It is a lesson in how to do this craft we call writing. It is beautiful.

The 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray of the film Dances With Wolves comes out in a few days, and I have a number of reasons for hoping that this book garners new and due attention. But foremost among those reasons are the simple facts that this book is beautiful, that it is a precious and honored representation of our Native American forebears, and that those who read it do not walk away unchanged. Thank you, Michael Blake. We still remember you.


  1. I think I was a wreck last time I watched that movie, which means that the book is probably a hundred times better. I'll put it on my list! And I love that you love it; I wouldn't have guessed.

  2. It is just beautifully written. Very simple and honorable.


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