Unique to Renegade: A Day of Crafting

Yesterday I joined my mother and sister on our semi-annual foray into the world of DIY crafters. Strangely enough, two of the largest craft fairs in L.A. were selling on the same weekend, so we got two fairs for the price of one trip. Unique LA spreads its wares on the top floor of the California Market Center. Amidst the booths of various sellable delights, they handed out free drinks and offered free photo ops with a yeti. Renegade, held in the Los Angeles Historic State Park, was smaller than last time we'd been there, but there was also more room to browse. Many vendors had roped family and friends into helping them so they could display at both sites. I took as many pictures as I could - which is rare for me. Here are a few:

We went to Renegade later in the day, but that meant the sparkly lights showed all the prettier.

The Weekend Store, Unique LA.
We always spend some time here. If you don't own a piece of her jewelry, you haven't been to a craft fair in LA.

I didn't get the name of this vendor, but I love the durability of these re-purposed book-marks.

Hmm . . . Didn't get this name either. Just loved the colors of this display.

Shoppers resting their feet.

London Manori.
I see these every year. Can I have the whole pile for a centerpiece?

Love Nail Tree.
The design of some of these sites is fascinating. Here, wooden structures were strung from the pipes in the ceiling. Their t-shirts and necklaces spoke "steampunk" rather more than they do "let's change the world." But who knows? Maybe we can do both?

Rock Scissors Paper.
Always a favorite. Not only are their products clever and darling (and fabulously designed), these women are utterly delightful. And check out that paper wheel!

We'll be back again next time around. For either or both of them, of course. If you're still struggling over Christmas presents, I'd suggest running down the vendor lists on the Unique & Renegade websites, linked above. I can pretty much guarantee that you will find something.

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