I was thinking on my way home today, pretending to be a spy, that I should write a blog called "How To Be a Spy". It would be like a spy version of 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son, only probably not actually anything like it at all. Except it would give a few little tips and things every couple days. Like 'Spies blend in' and 'spies always drive carefully except during a chase' and 'spies keep their personal and professional lives rigidly separate.' It would be the coolest blog, like, ever. Eventually it would be printed as a book that would sell tons of copies around Father's Day.

Unfortunately, I just don't quite have the time. If you'd like to write it for me, I'd happily contribute a post or two in a few years when I'm not busy anymore.


  1. Just text me your awesome ideas and I'll compile them for you. Throw me a line in the acknowledgments and we'll call it even.

  2. Picture taken off of a website I found by doing a google image search for "spy". One of the reasons "How to Be a Spy" will not go too deeply into killing and stuff (apart from the fact that I don't want to give anyone ideas), is that apparently there aren't really people who assassinate for a living. At least, that's what this article over at Slate is trying to convince me of:

  3. lol. They're just trying to keep the veil up between us sheep and the wolves.


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