I know that the last thing you all need is another blog to read, but I thought I'd let you dear readers know that I have started a second blog. You balk, I know, considering how I have no time for this one. This second blog is more professionally oriented. As in, that's where I'll post anything and everything to do with the world of books. You can find it here:

Yes, wordpress, I know. There are so many buttons and windows to that thing. Anyway, this second blog may get moved if I ever set up a more professional website sort of thing. The point is to get it started. I will happily feature guest bloggers if you ever feel like posting something literary and edgy. You are also under no obligation to check the thing with any kind of frequency.

Thank you, and... well, just thank you.

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  1. OK, if you're going to have two blogs you have to update at least one of them every once in a while! :-P


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