Guest Blogging

Between work and my personal internet life, I publish and manage a total of five blogs - none of them nearly as faithfully as I should. So I'm not sure if it's natural or awkward that I'm guest blogging this coming week. Those of you who already have whiplash trying to follow all my online scribbles, I greatly apologize. But I'm so excited!! Why? Because it's for my favorite entrepreneur!!

Check out her blog before I get there. You'll like it better than this one, because there are lot of pretty pictures!!


  1. I only know of three... what are the other two?

  2. yes, my pictures are a ploy to get more readers- that was great advice from bethany when I first started out. can't wait to see what you do on my bloggy!

  3. My authors' blogs at (not yet reactivated) and


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