After Hours

Remember reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and then every time you went in a museum or gallery afterward, you thought of what it would be like to live there? Well, now you can. Not the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but a pretty fascinating alternative. Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (unless, of course, they offer it again next year) to live in the museum for one month. You get paid for it too. $10,000. (Of course, this should clue you into the small detail that this is more of a job than an rebellious adventure, but still....) Check out the link here. There are some submissions requirements, of course, and the more this is blogged about, the harder the competition will be. I can think of about five people I know off-hand who would be fabulous at this.


  1. This is rather bizarre. And there are quite a few requirements! You must be able to speak English AND have perfect mental health. And be a good blogger! You should do it :)

  2. Both of you should do it. Everyone should do it! The only people who shouldn't get this opportunity are people who would graffiti the exhibits. Everyone else in the world should have the opportunity to live in a museum. End of story.

  3. Am I one of the five? Jk. I would do it, but only if spencer came with me, and since he is rather particular about his living conditions, I doubt that's going to happen.

  4. I think I would need a friend to go with me because the museum might be kind of scary at night. I'm a wee bit scared of the dark. Especially around exhibits of dead things.


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