The Novel

Going through the files on my computer, I found this passage plucked from an article by David B. Hart, from First Things, many moons ago. It seemed particularly relevant considering the sermon I listened to (while driving), from my pastor two weeks ago. I've been thinking about the importance of the novel, and of storytelling, all the more since I've made publishing my career. It is good to know I'm investing in something I have believed in for so long. Whatever quality the writing, the seeds of this higher possibility remain.

At the same time, one must acknowledge that part of the special enchantment of the novel, considered as a distinct literary form, is the illusion it can create of a fully realized world; a truly great novel is like a magic mirror, whose surface reflects not only the appearances, but the souls of living men and women. Precisely because of its special combination of immensity and intimacy, it affords its author room, scope, time for the subtlest gestures and finest strokes of psychological portraiture.

From 'Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (and Christ)'

- David B. Hart

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