I have been too busy to read anything but legal documents, vendor forms, unedited manuscripts, packing slips, social networking sites, and the book of Matthew for a few months now. My brain feels tight around the edges. My eyelids are losing elasticity. Here are a few books I've been eyeing for the last little while in hopes for a rainy day:

1. Jane Eyre (re-read)
2. Out of Africa (bought a re-print of the original translation, very pretty)
3. anything by C. S. Lewis (and I mean anything. From Miracles to Perelandra to the one-sentence quip on the daily calendar in the kitchen, I'm all over it.)
4. Mockingjay!!! (comes out in August. This will be the first in the series that I haven't received early as an advanced reader. I'm so excited!!!)
5. The Message in the Bottle (Walker Percy, NOT Nicholas Sparks. Read much, but not all of this piece of genius. Also want to read everything else he ever wrote)
6. Godric (again)
7. War and Peace (but only after I finish...)
8. Les Miserable (no, I never did finish it. Surprised?)

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