Work at New Store is getting better. I've learned to just do things instead of asking 'how is it done here'. Their ways inevitably seem irrational and inefficient. This has less to do with their incompetence and more to do with my uncalled-for sense of superiority. It is a strange lesson in both confidence and humility. I do not have a problem admitting when I don't know how to do something. But when I do know how to do something, I have a big problem being told to do it differently. I am stubborn like that. And strangely controlling. Who knew?

Told Other New Manager that I'm learning to be flexible. I think he was none too happy to hear it, since he's been having even more trouble with the adjustment than I have. Being flexible, to him, means doing things Wrong. And that's rather uncool, since we're supposed to be learning how to do things Right. And Right doesn't necessarily mean by-the-book, since some things have no 'book'. In this case, Right means 'according to a method easily transferable between stores'. And most of our methods simply wouldn't fly at any other store. Simply. Wouldn't.

I am not feeling remarkably invested, though, and that helps with the sense of flexibility. If I thought 'this is training for my future, and I'm being trained wrong,' then I'd have some serious problems. I would be taking notes for conversations with my district manager. But I do not feel invested. I feel gradually less and less invested as the days pass and I become more competent at my work. Because I am doing other things. And those things are far more interesting.


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