So I started filing my taxes. I know, they're due in three days. Then I find that I owe. More particularly, I owe more money than is presently sitting in my checking account (or checking and savings combined - I know, a sad state).

This means that I'm not paying with TurboTax online. I'm going ghetto and mailing a check, crossing my fingers that it won't get deposited until after Thursday.

Sad, sad state. Let's hear it for that raise.


  1. Do you even need to bother? You're like above the laws of income.

  2. Lol. My income was less than half the standard deductible. Hopefully next year I'll actually BE in an income bracket. (Well it's guaranteed once Mama's estate is settled.)

    Watch these to make you feel better.

    Personally I'm putting in Pride and Prejudice after a quick trip to the CVS for ice cream and soda.

  3. Taxes shmaxes. Let's just eat ice cream and drink Strongbow.

  4. You OWE taxes?? You're broke and in desperate debt, live on the family dole and work a low-wage job in a chain bookstore!! How can you owe?!? Haven't I told you the country is corrupt!! There's proof. This is pathetic. No one is safe.


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