I've had the entire week off, and the only book I've read was a book I was editing. It was also the only work of fiction I've read since before Christmas. Something is seriously wrong with me. I wanted to post yesterday about Good Friday, but I felt like I was trying too hard. I don't really have much to offer right now, and it seems hypocritical to pretend that I do. So, silence.

I moved to Oxnard today. I'll be starting work in Santa Barbara on Monday. Emily and I can carpool together, which is wonderful - particularly because it gives me an excuse to wander around State Street for an hour or so after work. Fabulous!

Thankfully (I suppose), I'm out of cash from getting my car all fixed up yesterday. So there's no splurging at Anthropologie (even though I need pants) or stuffing myself in every restaurant or coffee shop that appeals. Providence inflicts self-control! Thank you, Providence.


  1. But when you *can* spend some money, we are oh-so-close to JCrew and Banana Republic outlets, ooooh danger...

  2. Why do you tease me with these promises of clothes and shopping and belongings that aren't yet mine???


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