I have been writing a lot lately, just not for this blog. Every now and then my favorite bloggers disappear for a while. I either get in a huff, wondering and worrying where they've been, or I fail to notice altogether. There's always another blog to read, another brain to spy into. I hope you've found your curiosity about others' worlds satisfied in others' blogs. And no, not every post from now on will be an apology for the number of days that have passed in between. I am presently curled up on my bed with my cat. An mug of hot chocolate is beside me. I'm thinking about my plans for the coming weeks. Most of them involve editing. Editing a screenplay, editing a novel. But there's also reading to do. And meeting a lot of different people for coffee. And calling a lot of other people back. I would feel overwhelmed, except that I'm curled up with my cat and a mug of hot chocolate. I've also spent most of the day reading my Bible and praying. Who can feel burdened in such a state? There is a sense that everything will be alright. Order will come from chaos. Simplicity, sanctification, joy, peace, every good thing. Now to crawl out of this lovely state and head to work.....

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