Honestly, I've been wondering how long it was going to take for someone to make one of these.
Look for it on March 16th. Yet again, Stephenie Meyer, I thank you for my paycheck.


  1. Do you ever wonder what the "it" thing would be if Stephenie Meyer didn't exist?

  2. hm... I have no idea. One of the other teen vampire series? I'm all for hyping up the Hunger Games series. It's got all the romance and more of the adventure of Twilight without any of the stupidity or mediocre writing (or vampires). It's popular now. I'd like to see it become a craze. Who's with me?!!

  3. Just put the Meyer books on the shelf and fill a table with them. If people see LOTS of something, they automatically associate it with being popular or important. Take over the center tables! DO it! Do it!

  4. There's no room on the shelves for all our Stephenie Meyer. She takes up the table of necessity.


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