Two weeks is almost a record of unblogging for me. Many apologies to my faithful readers. I have been working a good deal, of course, what with the holidays. And my yesterday was filled with all the warm delights of a cider party at Emily's. This meant two kinds of cider for me (Strongbow!!!) and lots of sugar cookies! Thank you, Holly, for coming with. It was a good drive there and back again.

The Christmas season is a little strange this year. The parents were going to be in Israel, so we made all our plans without them. Now they will be here after all, so our plans are split in two. It will be confusing and odd, but still Christmas. I didn't do my usual Advent posts this year, and I confess that I'm not quite holding onto the season as well as I usually do. It seems full of retail this year, and I regret that. I'll try to do better this week - despite it being the busiest, money-filled week of the year.

All my Christmas love to everyone.

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