For those who still check this blog even when I go a week without posting anything of interest or relevance, I thank you. I'm intentionally ignoring people lately, and it's very hard. I feel rude. I prize the face in front of me more than the job that needs doing in the other room, and there are a lot of faces in my life. Today, I will return to them, even if only for a little while. Because today is Patchwork! After church, I'll be heading to Santa Ana with mom and sister to fritter away all that money I don't have (heaven help me). Perhaps there will be pictures to come? Perhaps...

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. I think it's time to stop calling him a boy and start calling him a man. He's tall. He's old. He's got a fancy car and a realish sort of job. Happy birthday, Nathaniel. I miss you.


  1. Um, if he's old, what does that make US? We're oldER!
    Patchwork was great. Glad we went! I even had my camera but didn't take any pics. Oops!

  2. Yeah, I kinda forgot all about that once we got there. Smelled like incense for the rest of the day, though, and my ears were just a little bit ringing from this boy band that played right before I left. I don't think I like hipsters very much.

  3. Oh, and you're welcome. I'm one of those mentioned in your first sentence, heehee.


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