This is about the fourth time I've read The Greater Trumps, and I find it actually more confusing now than I did the first few times I read it. I think I'm just having trouble focusing, and it doesn't help that I'm supposed to be coming up with conversational prompts regarding the book. Sybil, what are you trying to say? What is your creed? Nancy, what is plaguing your wondering heart? Joanna, what's the deal with these Egyptian gods?

Confusing or not, I still love Williams' words. Here are a few bits and pieces for your own love:

'...more and more securely the working of that Fate which was Love possessed her. For it was fatal in its nature; rich and austere at once, giving death and life in the same moment, restoring beyond belief all the things it took away - except the individual will.'
p. 144 (This one I have scribbled inside my Bible. It sort of sums up Sybil's place in the book, that strange power that only she possesses fully.)

'She never said anything about it, nor, as a consequence, did anybody else; it being a certain rule in this world that what is not made of vivid personal importance will cease to be of social interest. The shoemaker's conversation therefore rightly returns to leather.'
p. 72

'What on earth were they doing, singing about the mystery of love in church?'
p. 122

'Her father was different too. He seemed no more the absurd, slightly despicable, affected and pompous and irritating elderly man whom she had known; all that was unimportant. He walked alone, a genie from some other world, demanding of her something which she had not troubled to give. If she would not find out what it was, it was no good blaming him for the failure of their proper relation. She, she only was to blame; the sin lay in her heart whenever that heart set itself against any other.'
p. 126


  1. did you want to borrow my deck? i could just take out the major trumps for you.

  2. no, i think my group is more comfortable with tarot cards in the abstract. to be honest, so am i.

  3. this book is on my too read list .. not that i expect to understand it all.. but i enjoy glimpses into how williams' mind works! and His perspective on God, too :)


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