weekend and onward

Amanda and I drove to Oxnard to visit Emily this weekend. It was beautiful and hot and full of food. I wore my new outfit - purchased in my favorite shop on Main St. in downtown Ventura - and felt cute all day. I also felt ragingly hungry until I ate every last unhealthy food item offered by our gracious cafe. Before my shift, Bree got a bath at the shop next to my store (Bree is my car. She was beyond filthy. She had, I believe, entered another dimension of filth - a dimension without a name). She is now shiny and happy and beautiful. I want to drive her around. Maybe north. Maybe to the Bay Area, or Carmel, or both.

Which I can do in a few weeks because I have vacation time!!! Yes, Saturday morning the managers notified me that I need to do something unwork-related for about a week before the end of the month. Discounting Labor Day week, because the other kids person has asked for that off. SO - I MUST vacate. By order of Steve-Scott-Charles. There are about a million things I would like to do (fly to Europe. fly to Dallas. drive to Colorado. fly to Connecticut. to Chicago.), but one in particular that I've been planning to do. You know who you are. This roadtrip will happen.


  1. Forced vacation, huh? That's pretty dang sweet. If you weren't driving north, I would definitely suggest getting yourself out here to see autumn on the mountains... like nothing else in the world. Of course, there is autumn all around the world, but still. Not with aspens. And you get to wear scarves and cute hats and feel all fall-ish and cute. And drink pumpkin spice lattes--except that you like yours plain. Dang it.

  2. Yay!! Clean car!!! I'm ready to pull out a map and plan your road-trip for you, heehee.

  3. dear kathryn,
    actually, i love pumpkin spice lattes! just had one this afternoon. and my dear, i would love to come visit you. i really considered it. but this was a trip both planned and promised, and i can only do one thing. please know i have been thinking of you all week! (and there's something small and special headed your way! check your p.o. box in a couple days.)


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