Nothing like the act of eating for equalising men. Dying is nothing to it. The philosopher dies sententiously - the the pharisee ostentatiously - the simple-hearted humbly - the poor idiot blindly, as the sparrow falls to the ground; the philosopher and the idiot, publican and pharisee, all eat after the same fashion - given an equally good digestion.

- Elizabeth Gaskell
North and South


  1. Sweet! You're reading it too! Well, I have 42 more pages in "Israel, My Beloved" and then I can North and South, which could very well be in a few hours. Yay.

  2. I'm finishing it even as I type! It's so very good. But if you're about to start reading it now, I'd better be quick about ordering you something new for when you're finished. Hm...

  3. Something long? Maybe good for my approaching road trip/moving trip? Did I tell you that I am moving again?

  4. but i thought you had secured a live-in position? involving seclusion and children?


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