I just finished Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater, the other day. From the first few chapters, I had every reason to expect this book to rival the other dark-teen-romance novels recently released (you know which ones I mean). And in a way, it did. There was nothing obnoxious about this book. The characters were mostly believable and endearing. The story was subtle and simple.

Maybe a little too simple. At times, maybe a little too subtle. The best chapters were the ones from Sam's point of view, when he's a wolf. That doesn't take up a whole lot of the story, unfortunately. I mean, it would seriously hamper the progression of the plot if he was a wolf for much more of the time, but the writing was still at its best then. Perhaps because it seemed that the poetic, lyrical passages were justified. I like Rilke just fine, and I know plenty of people who compose song lyrics in their heads, but Sam as a human was just maybe a little too emo for me. It could just be that I'm almost ten years older than him, and that's why I have trouble taking his brooding, romantic eloquence seriously.

Having said that, it was a lovely book. I'd recommend it to anyone who didn't have anything better to do. But really, in the end, the best part of this book is its cover.


  1. So, since I'm progressing nicely on my reading list already, and it's only week 1 of nannying, I would fit into your category of having nothing better to do. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING has to be better than Beverley Lewis at this point. I don't even know why I am bothering to finish her book. Perhaps just because I started?? Rambling, stopping. Thanks Molly.

  2. perhaps i should have sped up the shipping process. hope is on its way.

  3. Ha! Love it. Perhaps I should just drive the 15 miles to my Post Office.


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