books i got:

at the library: Impossible, by Nancy Werlin, got some amazing reviews and is now available in paperback. Something about a girl who has to complete three impossible tasks or die. Sounds like my kind of book...

at the bookstore: The Greater Trumps, by Charles Williams, because I'm pretty sure I loaned my copy and never got it back. Kind of important to own a book if you're going to be making people read it in a book club. I have the same problem with The Man Who Was Thursday, only I couldn't find it on the shelf. Yes, Chesterton starts with a 'C'. I swear it was there three days ago...

free! from the publisher!: There's more than one reason I love Aqua di Gio. AJ handed me Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver yesterday. If the writing was bad, this book might give Stephenie Meyer a run for her money. But it's not, so I'll just have to hand-sell this thing as best I can. Werewolves? Star-crossed love? Sound familiar? And the cover's pretty, too.


  1. I have a bajillion credits on my paperbackswap website. If there's ever a book you may want, let me know and I will see if I can get it for you!

  2. started reading Shiver (the third one on this list) during my breaks today. it is really really good. i mean, it still belongs on the table with stephenie meyer, but it really might be the best thing on that table.


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