Browse through these to your heart's content. Tell me which is your favorite. (Guess which is mine.)


  1. mwahaha! i am mysterious and cryptic!!

  2. I like Keep Your Head Down--like the way it's a shadow and all that means...Love the one with the plastic animals--something about dreams and dead people. I'd pick that one up off the book table. Brief interviews...with the bag over a guy's head is really catchy. It'll sell. I like Jayne Eyre with the silouette--different than the usual women in long dresses looking all peaceful embroidering stuff and a glum mysterious man in the foreground, scowling(who we all know is a big marshmallow on the inside) like you'll find on all the other Jayne covers. I only checked out 3 pages of these.
    The one about Einstein and his cook looks good and I would maybe even buy it, try to read it, and probably not understand it! Okay, so I like books with Einstein's name on the cover.

  3. i think my favorite changed between the last time i looked through these and now. right now, it's Lewis Carroll, which is on the third page of selections. Though it's almost tied with Leviathan, bottom of the same page. There are plenty more that i like, but these are simple, unique, and compelling. i want to read them.


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