It is rare for me to post pictures of myself on my blog, because - you see - I like to pretend I'm not vain. But I was walking from my car to my house this evening thinking about my purple scarf (which I was wearing) and how much I love it. And I decided that I should really add it to my blogged list of 'things i like'. Because it's just the sort of thing that belongs there.

My purple scarf is the sort of thing I would wear to Crystal Cove with good friends. At which time Kathryn (or Jenny?) would take the photo posted here. The scarf was purchased for me by my fashion-wise sister, Emily, who also recently found a phenomenal grey linen skirt for me at a fabulous shop in downtown Ventura for fifteen dollars!! I am wearing the skirt and the scarf, both, at this very moment. Ah, fashion!


  1. I'm going to claim that picture. All the ones Jenny took, she wasn't looking in the viewfinder, and they are all "artistically" crooked. And I am the one who tends to cut people off... either the head or the handbag, in this case, the handbag. And I like the purple scarf too. Good thing it's on your list.

  2. the handbag does not need to be in the picture. it's large and green and bulky. and it's not the central point. scarf is.

    i should also note that amanda bought me a gorgeous scarf too, that may make it on the list during a different season. but i think it's more of a fall/winter scarf - not for its wintry protectiveness (b/c it is pretty thin), but for its color.

    this is actually not an interesting topic. i keep telling myself that, and then i keep typing. gr...

  3. Wheeee! I'm like your personal Clinton shopper person. Yay! I do need to stop buying you things, tho. I soon will be broke. (I say as I have a present for you hanging in my closet... heehee.)

  4. Emily, you would have been SO proud of my thrift store finds today! Apparently, some rich girl who wears my size just happened to dump off all her scarcely worn clothes just in time for me to get some good ones... even a green dress that mostly matches Molly's fabulous green dress. Still wearing it. May wear it to bed, just because I don't want to take it off.


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