Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!

Happy..... okay, that's it.

Yesterday, returning to work several hours after my shift, I bought I boatload of books for blogreader Jenny B and a few for myself as well. I'd been staring at this book for about a year wondering how long it would take for me to buy and read it. Well, let me tell you: it took about a year.

M. T. Anderson is the brilliant author of the Octavian Nothing volumes, of which I am a remarkably big fan (though I confess I wish they weren't quite so long. how do you get teens to pick up tomes that ginormous? they have to really, really trust you...). Feed seeming nothing like my dear Octavian, I have known I would need to read this since I first clapped eyes on it. That, and my store of dystopian futuristic fiction is rather thin. I have yet to read (and this is another confession) Brave New World or 1984 - despite the fact that the first was assigned to me twice in my master's program.

Anyway, so starts the summer of book blogging. (I only just now in this very moment decided that it would be a summer of book blogging, so don't judge me too harshly if nothing comes of it). I haven't really reviewed any books since the fall, due to... um... ... I have no idea. Not reading anything good? That seems unlikely. Huh. I had every intention of reviewing Shannon Hale's newest novel The Actor and the Housewife, but I like her too much to say what I really think on the world wide web. I have high hopes for her next Bayern book, out in a few months, so we can just ignore all my arrogant opinions about her adult fiction.

If I don't post a good review of Feed in the next week or so, someone kick me. Not that it needs a review - it's been out for a good long while. But that's not the point. See you.


  1. We can go read on the beach together next week. I'll drag you out there to convalesce with me, it'll be fun!

  2. Convalesce? What's the matter, old man?

  3. appendix, gone, two weeks of leave. shall we say awesome?!


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