I only crawled out of bed about half an hour ago, but I've already come across a number of phenomenal finds on this here interweb. The first was thanks to my friend Tara, who has begun her entrepreneuringhood in the fabulous world of etsy. For those who don't know it, let me enlighten you: Welcome to Your Place To Buy and Sell All Things Handmade! About a month ago, I went into L.A. with my mother and sister to a sort of festival of handicrafts . Most of the people there, I think, sell their stuff on etsy as well. I've known about it for a while, but every now and then I discover something fresh and new and it fills me with new delight in this strange interconnected world we live in. Not everything crumbles with age! Some things are given new life. Here's a link to Tara's page. Keep and eye on it for updated merchandise.

So I was browsing etsy's handmade books, remembering how much I want to reprint MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin in a beautiful and worthy way. This reminded me that I needed to find out if it was in the public domain. So I went to Project Gutenberg, one of my favorite burrows of the world wide web, and hunted it down. Lo! It is free to the world! Very exciting. So then I was browsing Gutenberg's homepage, trying to figure out if all their texts were past copyright or only some of them. Someone was being clever, listing all the interesting things one can and cannot do with Project Gutenberg texts, and this link came up... prepare yourself.... for beauty:

Not much I can say after that.

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