Despereaux, movie star

I'm working on compiling a 'things I like' folder for this blog, to be filed under the label 'Things I Like.' Go figure. It will basically consist of random things I come across in life or online (or both?) that I want to give kudos. Let's begin with Despereaux. I finally saw the movie. I know, it's been out for months now, but I was afraid to see it. The book is so beautiful and sweet and terrible, and worth every inch of Newbery Award it was given. To see them turn it into a heartwarming adventure for the animated screen... made me nervous. I can't say it wasn't without cause. The movie was good, but... a little light. and confusing. What was with that vegetable creature? Was that supposed to be the Spirit of Soup or something? I couldn't figure it out.

But what I loved about the movie was its color palette. I know, second post in a row that gets gaga over color palettes. Please understand me. This movie earned its legitimacy not by its storyline or all-star vocal cast, but by its color palette. It was just beautiful. I want to build a life on these colors. At very least, a bedroom. Or better yet - a library. Appropriate, since the most beautiful colors were, in fact, found in the castle library. I tried to find a picture online, but there don't seem to be any. They're all of Despereaux on the book or Despereaux in the suit of armor. (None of the pictures, incidentally, show the vegetable-spirit-man. Bummer.)

I came across one picture that I super-like. I posted it above. Despereaux sits in class, perky and unafraid in the midst of his cowering classmates. They're supposed to cower, though. Despereaux is a brave little rebel, though he doesn't know it. As I watched this part of the movie, my heart swelled a little. Not because it was yet another film about how the youth must throw off the irrational rule-mindedness of their elders in order to have adventure and be true to themselves. No, that storyline has gotten rather boring to me. But in Despereaux, that premise has a strange twist. It is a twist that made me want to stand up and clap. Despereaux - it cannot be denied - is severely socially awkward. He is a clueless misfit. And he is incredible. It was a delight to see the hero not just misunderstood but misunderstanding. That dazed look in his eyes as he stares at the light - that's the enthralment of one who simply doesn't care what the world thinks. Not because he's snubbed the world or shrugged it off, but because he simply doesn't notice. There are better things to think about. Three cheers.

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