Staying up late tonight to get myself ready for inventory tomorrow. All-nighter! Just like college. Sort of. Almost. Except that I'm not in college, and I haven't been very good about the whole staying-out-late thing since I graduated (year in Edinburgh aside, when bedtime was around 3am). Here's to staying cheerful and useful the whole night through!

I forgot... I don't blog about work. oops.

I'm staying at my sister's apartment this week because my parents have a guest. This will be fun. I have already borrowed her hair straightener and eaten one of her bananas. Yay for mooching! Perhaps we will make yummy food tonight. Maybe something curry-related. You know, the things my parents don't eat.

abrupt end to blog post.


  1. Would you like your own straightener? I bought a new one (impulse at Costco) but my old one is still going. Not as strongly but going nonetheless... want?

  2. mebbe. my hair's pretty short still. is it a wide straightener? amanda says no. she knows your straightener well, apparently. we're off to get glasses today. yay for vision!!


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