Beautiful wedding yesterday. More than beautiful - restorative. So I rather dislike weddings in general. There's so much of it that seems unnecessary to me: the rings, the cake, photographs, looking porcelain for the photographs, making small talk, being stared at by a hundred people you mostly don't know....
This wedding was perfect. It completely represented the bride and the groom at their most generous. It was smooth, simple, free from pettiness. I was there to help; there was little to do. The joy of the company of good people - the taste of good food without pretension - everyone's beauty and strengths illuminated.

Now I'm home after little sleep and much driving. More to come, but not much. My cat is curled up like a pea on the turtle. My mother chats with my grandfather on the phone. The living room still smells like Kenny, which makes me happy. I plan on a nap and then some coffee, possibly with Victor Hugo. All the ducks in a row - gardenia and jasmine in scented bloom - maybe a mindless movie tonight........

all my love to all of you who live a full life, who know the good to do and do it, who honor with your words and with your silence, who need no ceremony but for whom ceremony is due. i miss you.

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