As I am sure most of my readers felt for themselves, we had a bit of an earthquake this evening. 5.0, apparently. My phone stopped sending text messages a few minutes later. Crowded server, perhaps? Nervous tourists? The rollicking earth interrupted our viewing of 'Whale Rider', one of my favorite movies, right when Paikea defies her grandfather by sitting in the front of the boys' chieftain class. It played while the cat cowered under the piano bench and we huddled in the hallway laughing at our own awkwardness. I confess, when the earth stopped moving, I glanced out the front window to be sure that the shore was still in place against the sea. Sorry, Australia. We're not neighbors yet.


  1. aren't they kinda fun? i mean, if we lived in shanties and had monsoon seasons, they'd be terrifying and life-threatening and all. but we don't. and they're not. so it's like a game the earth gives us. wahoo. :)


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