Precise o'clock, waiting at the window for me to arrive,
knowing I'll not wander to another room,
but with my coat over my shoulder scooping the stuff
to silence the wail and the wiggle round my ankle,
then scratch, then leave you be.

An hour later watching from the window,
another cat shivers in the road
having borne the truck
over its dashing body.

Quick as a wink,
still it lost the game.

Kept the cat on my lap as long as I could -
unfriendly thing squirming beneath my hands.
Be still!
I saw you die beneath the wheel!
Be still.

She wiggles her way out of my grip
making her own choices.

Fool. Foolish fool of an idiot, fool.

He kneels on the dinner floor,
wrapping the towel around his wrinkled tunic.
Not me, what? Unless you wash,
I'll not be part? Then clean the whole
and let me drink in all of you.
Sweet sentiments. But watch me squirm,
run, and feel the weight
of my mistake
pin me to the floor.
Be clean! Be still!

Gather my parts to be present here.
Set me down in one piece -
breathe into the center till my heart swells,
I watch you washing me.
still between your hands.

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  1. that was fantastic
    nearly beyond words


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