Nathaniel, my DVD keeps skipping! 'The Pickwick Papers', to be specific. On episode three, which is apparently important because the part it will play shows the insidious actor making off with the country gentleman's sister - whom we all know is meant for the portly fellow traveling with Mr. Pickwick! Can you return DVDs to Amazon? I don't know how that works. It's clearly not scratched... I wonder if they just tried to put too much movie on one disc....

Watching the ocean and the bluff, not much is happening today yet. No joggers or waddlers, no remarkable sailboats, no pirates. What a disappointment.


  1. Yes you can return/exchange things on Amazon. There should have been a shipping paper thing in the box if Nate had it sent directly to you. Either follow the instructions (if there are any...) or go online to Amazon customer service. I can help - email or call me! I've done it before.

  2. i would ignore it if it was just one scene or two out of the entire boxed set, but it's many scenes - and the entire final episode! i will try it once on dad's dvd player to make sure it's not just my machine... and then to return!

  3. Hey, can you post a link to Nathaniel's blog over with all the rest of your links?

  4. oh yeah, i should do that, huh?


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