It's so very late at night and I should be fast asleep with all I have planned tomorrow. But closing tonight was pure misery, and I fueled myself with black tea - which is, mysteriously, still in my system.

The last few days have been glorious, what with my recent visitations and watching dolphins leap from the waves in Crystal Cove (Yes, Jenny B, I went back. I had to take them to breakfast somewhere, so why not the best breakfast place I know?), and getting an enormous birthday package from my brother (note to bloggers everywhere: don't be shy; post your b-day wishes for all to see! you just might get something. or everything. like 15 Victorian film adaptations in deluxe boxed sets. yes!! Nathaniel James, you are my favorite brother of them all. but please don't think you need to buy your way into anyone's heart, oh prince amongst men!), and seeing Jenna!!! what a fabulous surprise! and meeting new Coloradans. and old ones.

I hope to be able to steal photos from Jenny and Kathryn, even though Jasper the Camera is somewhere on the other side of Long Beach. Then you will all get to see the beauty of our breakfast, the grey glimmer of the sea, the slothing seaweed, the precision of the bird prints in the sand, and my lame-o attempt to photograph the dolphins in a squealing fervor of desperation (oh where, oh where were my photographers??)

I know the glow of this laptop illuminates my face in the dark of the dining room so all who walk down Ocean at 1:30 in the morning can see me (there are a few such people still strolling the night away. strange.) Time to revoke such a privilege and take the face to bed.


  1. After all that road-tripping, I am finally home and able to send you pictures... how should we accomplish this?

  2. i dunno!! i suppose you could email them, though that takes time. if you want to make a facebook album, feel free. i mean, they're your pictures, after all. then i'd just swipe the one's i want. alternately, and perhaps most complicatedly, you could burn them to a disc and send the disc to mean via the united states postal service.


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