they're at it again.

The last and best adaptation of Jane Eyre to film happened three years ago. And it took another year to be released in our land of milk and honey. So we really should get at least seven more years before another adaptation comes out. Or five. Please. Really, it's rare to get more than one in a decade - especially by the same film company.

So I am hoping this is just some sick joke. For the obvious reason that it's far too soon to mar the awesome depictions by Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. And for the even more obvious reason that Ellen Page has no business anywhere near a Bronte. Back off, woman.


  1. I absolutely love the book - you know it's one of my faves - but all these adaptations are ruining it for me. Enough, already!

  2. if you look at the list of them on imdb, there really is at least one adaptation for every decade. in the 1910s, there were three. it's a film phenomenon that has fascinated me for years.


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