Here's something I don't understand: Why do people judge Christians for being hypocrites? That's like saying, 'How dare you be call yourself a Christian and still be human!' I don't understand why people say 'I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christians.' Well, neither do I much of the time. Since when does faith have to do with liking things? Since when does loving people depending on their consistency? Granted, I've always been a Christian and I've never doubted my faith. I've always looked at the inconsistencies of Christians the same way I look at the inconsistencies of human beings. As humanness. But if your criticism of Christians is really a disagreement over their perspectives on sexuality or politics, then please don't confuse that with Christians being un-Christlike. I'm not saying they are Christlike - but I'd be making myself the hypocrite by judging them according to my own self-righteous notions.


  1. I understand 100%.

    Better to strive to be like Christ and fail miserably than to live a life wholly self consumed.

    And most of the hot topics aren't even really that important when you really think about it. And most are misunderstood by those both by those in the church and in the general public who barely know the basics let alone the roots of the crisis.

    Its log in my eye, man.

  2. yeah, so i was just a little bit annoyed when i wrote this post. i mean, i suppose i've met a few of the 'hypocrite' christians they talk about, but unless i'm just really clouded by being one of them, i can't help but see the church as a bunch of average people. it's tricky, being annoyed. i makes you write really bad run-on sentences and comma splices and other examples of super bad grammar choices.


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