this is the text i just sent my brother who asked 'what should i read after emma?':

Gaskell if you can
find her. Most
stores just carry
cranford, which is
about old women
and not that
phenom. Read
jane eyre if you
haven't already.
It's em's favorite
book ever. Very
good. Ooh! Read
rebecca by
daphne du
maurier. I'm
reading it with
jenny e. After
the astonishing
life of octavian
nothing. Oscar
wilde's plays are
hilarious. And
anthony trollope
has some good
stuff. You liked
sir walter scott,
didn't you? And if
you're looking
for a novel even
longer than this
text, read
george eliot. Who
is a woman. I like
her middlemarch.


  1. You can fit all that on a text?? Mine chops off after about 50 characters. Awesome.

  2. i know! i was amazed by my texting ability. though my fingers were a little cramped afterward.


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