okay, i didn't mean to disconcert anyone with the stalkerish world map. i just thought you should know that i can tell where people check my blog from. the information is distilled to me in a variety of ways as i choose, either in list form, or as a pie graph, or even in the manner below. i like to know where people are when they read my posts. but don't worry; i don't track down ip addresses to get names or anything. you're still anonymous.

unless i know where you live.


  1. you're so frickin' sneaky.

  2. i know. like a... like... a ... sneak.

  3. I'm sorry that I didn't check out your blog from Japan and Malaysia. It would have added cool spots for people to question. Even I know that ones underneath Europe are most likely Scotland and Sweden.

  4. Poland, actually. And in Great Britain, they usually come from London.


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