1. Budget.
2. Devote.
3. Be careful with my words.
4. Communicate with friends and family more fully and frequently.
5. Volunteer.
6. Pray.
7. Donate to good causes.
8. Get my facts straight.
9. Read good books (list to follow).
10. Finish writing my novel.
11. Help.
12. Apply.
13. Bring my lunch to work.
14. Stop and listen.
15. Look people in the eyes.
16. Keep my car clean (and undamaged).
17. Smell good.
18. Cook more.
19. Do right.
20. Love Jesus.


  1. whoa. why is your layout all different? freaking me out here... weird. it's all, like, basic or something.
    shouldn't Love Jesus be at the top of the list? :-P
    i haven't made any resolutions. yet. key word: yet.

  2. Love Jesus is at the end 'cause it's like the finale, like the crescendo.

    and I changed my layout because a) my previous layout was making me fall asleep like every time i logged on - narcolepsy!!! - and b) it's a new year so we need something different.

  3. ooooh. i see. like the AMEN at the end.
    i like the concept behind the layout change but don't know if i'm comfortable with the layout aesthetic... i'll get used to it i suppose.

  4. hmm... it's important that my blog format be pleasing to the eye. perhaps i should let my readers browse the blogger templates and choose for themselves what that would like to look at every time they visit. next time you come home, we'll look through them. there aren't very many options.

  5. I thought you didn't believe in resolutions . . . that no one keeps them. Our is that your true resolution - to keep yours?

  6. I think you should find the template that best suits YOU as the blogger. You know, the one that speaks to your soul...

  7. i don't think other people keep their resolutions, but i always make them. usually in april or may. this year, i didn't procrastinate.


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