1. going to disneyland with my brother today. he is home at last.
2. just now couldn't remember holden caulfield's name. had to wikipedia it. felt like a literary idiot.
3. but hey, i've only had a very little coffee this morning.
4. and i didn't like that book anyway. i might like it better now. that i'm older and wiser. maybe.
5. feeling a little weird going to disneyland the day after neuhaus has passed. i should spend the day in black, pacing the beach, rereading passages from death on a friday afternoon. aloud. at strangers.
6. the camelias on the table are lovely.
7. we will be late for disneyland if i don't shut up and get moving!!


  1. Molly, you are such a d.q.! And I have never known someone who goes to Disneyland as often as you do, except perhaps the Mendoza's, who even honeymooned there...

  2. i go more often than she does. it's a bit ridiculous. and i am insanely jealous that she gets to go while i have to work no matter how many students i am helping. sigh.

  3. Drama Queen.
    Darn, I couldn't remember Holden Caulfield's name either. Wait! I don't even know who that is!!! Mwahahahahaha!

  4. i am assuming the drama queen bit has to do with number five. though honestly, i'm a little serious about it. maybe not the pacing and the preaching...


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